Oct 10 2009

APEX Listener Released as an Early Adopters

Category: APEXittichai @ 8:21 am

Oracle APEX Listener has been released as an early adopters. It is an alternative to Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) and Oracle Embedded PL/SQL Gateway (EPG) as web server to APEX database engine. You may find more information about this at the Oracle’s APEX Listener Download site, or Dimitri’s or John’s blogs.

I just configured the APEX listener with Oracle WebLogic 11g as I would like to compare it with the existing OHS environment. The instructions coming with the download for WebLogic is very straightforward except the last one which asks to recursively copy the apex/images directory to the webserver’s /i. My initial setup shows the logon screen but no images displayed.

I have to admit that I’m a WebLogic novice. My simple workaround to fix this image issue is to make all APEX images into a new application called “i”. This simply can be done by creating a war file of all images under apex/images directory.

F:\DOWNLOAD\apex_3.1.2\apex\images>jar cvf i.war *

Using this i.war file, you just simply install it as a normal application.

If anyone out there have better approaches, please feel free to share. :-)

[Updated: 4/6/2010] Made a correction to the jar syntax. Thanks Boasheng for your comment.